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Testing battery > 3 RM Test

Test Description Protocol
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3RM Test measures maximum strength see below...
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To measure maximum strength. This test identifies the maximum load (in kilograms) a player can lift for 3 repetitions, a variable known as the three-repetition maximum (3RM). Any loaded strength exercise can be used, such as a Back Squat, Front Squat, or Bench Press. It must be stressed that maximal lifting is hazardous, and only experienced weight trainers should conduct testing of this type. Another strength testing option, particularly for the inexperienced weight trainer, is the Concept 2 Dyno. The Dyno offers three core exercises: leg Press, bench Press and bench Pull. Simply apply the 3RM protocol to these exercises.

Equipment and Area
*Free-weight equipment, including a barbell and a range of discs and collars
*Two spotters

1. Attempt to lift the barbell to determine your 3RM by trial and error. After each attempt, increase or decrease the load by 2.5-5kg depending on the outcome of the attempt.

2. Take at least three minutes' rest between attempts.


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Power Clean rating
Male Players

85 to 100 kg

100 to 115 kg

>115 kg

Female Players




The power clean measures full body strength and power. Players who can perform the Power clean effectively often have very good acceleration
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