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Test Description Protocol
T Test measures speed & agility see below...
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To measure speed and agility. This test is appropriate for all players. It measures the time taken to complete a course that includes forward, lateral, and backward running.

Equipment and Area
*Grass or indoor surface of 10 square meters
*Four cones
*Stopwatch or electronic sprint timing gates
*Two coaches

1. Warm up thoroughly.

2. Start with one hand and the opposite foot on the start line. If a touch pad is used, your lead hand must be on the pad. If beams are used, the start line should be one meter behind the actual test distance start line. Start when you are ready.

3. From cone A, sprint forward to cone B and touch the base of it with your right hand.

4. Facing forward and not crossing your feet, shuffle left to cone C and touch its base with your left hand.

5. Shuffle 10 meters to cone D and touch its base with your right hand.

6. Shuffle back to cone B and touch it with your left hand.

7. Run backward as quickly as possible past cone A, the finish.

8. The test score is the best time of three trials.

For safety at the finish, a spotter should be positioned three meters behind cone A to catch players in case they fall while running backward. Players who cross one foot in front of the other, fail to touch the base of the cones, or fail to face forward throughout the test should be disqualified.



T Test
Male Players

10.5 to 11.5 s.

9.5 to 10.5 s.

<9.5 s.

Female Players

11.5-12.5 s

10.5-11.5 s

<10.5 s

The T Test (above) is a test of speed and agility.