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> Training Concepts

There are varius forms of flexibility training but more recently players and physiotherapists are turning to self release drills with foam rollers to enhance muscle length and reduce 'tight spots.'


Self-release stretching is a form of self-massage that reduces tissue tightness and helps to increase flexibility. This approach involves finding "tight spots" with a foam roller and holding that position until the muscle softens. Rolling the foam roller back and forth over the tight spots also releases it.

The foam roller may also be used for core stability and balance drills.


Types of stretching

Static - slow and constant with the end position held with mild discomfort.

Ballistic - involves active muscle effort using a bouncing type movement to the end range, creating a slight injury risk

Dynamic - involves flexibility during sport-specific movements, thus increasing sport-specific flexibility via relatively fast movements e.g. lunging

PNF - proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation - usually performed with a partner - isometric and concentric muscle actions are used to achieve inhibition i.e. muscle relaxes and therefore allows greater range of motion

Foam Rolling - self release stretching for releasing fascial and muscular tight spots

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