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Coaching Strategies > Introduction

All coaches are different and there are no set approaches - however, all successful coaches command respect. Coaching football at any level requires a selection of coaching skills ranging from match analysis and planning sessions to developing team spirit and dealing with officials, for which coaches need a variety of communication qualities.

The best coaches are innovators who continually question traditional practices and are not afraid to try different approaches.

Indicators of a successful coach/player alliance...
Players react quickly to coach's instructions
Goals set by coach are realistic and frequently reached
Coach treats each player equally and with respect
Coach understands individuals and acknowledges their efforts
Coach listens to players' ideas and opinions
Players are comfortable offering coach ideas and comments
High level of team spirit and cohesion

Each skill is supported by the next and a weakness in one can undermine the strengths in another. The way to tackle areas for improvement is to continually self reflect with the help of feedback from players and fellow coaches.

Dealing with a variety of personalities is at the top of the list and is probably the most challenging aspect of coaching.

Ref:- Better Coaching: Advanced Coach's Manual

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The relatively easy part of coaching is the delivery of sessions. The most complex structure to get right is how the players are handled and managed