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Core Stability > Introduction

Core stability allows you to run harder, control the ball, and manage contact
Core stability is the buzz word in football fitness. Why? Because the 'core' is the origin of movement and the foundation for safe and dynamic football. It provides central body control, and allows you to generate power by maximising the efficiency of your muscular effort.

Core stability is the foundation for explosive movements and control (agility, balance and co-ordination), qualities vital in football. (ref: The Core Workout). It is the ability of your trunk to support the effort and forces from your arms and legs. This is so that your muscles and joints can perform in their safest, strongest and most effective positions. (ref: The Core Workout).

Benefits of developing 'core stability' In football terms, you become more stable in contact, better able to withstand tackles, and solid in your ability to receive and offload the ball. By training specifically for core stability, you gain a number of benefits(ref: The Core Workout).:

  • greater capacity for speed generation
  • more efficient use of muscle power
  • decreased injury risk
  • increased ability to change direction, as body momentum is controlled
  • improved balance and muscular co-ordination
  • improved posture

In a nutshell, your body can function more effectively with less risk

Visit the Football Fitfiles for Core Stability drills
Core stability training should be an integral part of preparation for all players.