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Fitness 4 Goalkeepers > Training Concepts

All the Fitness Elements featured in the left column menu are relevant to goalkeepers. However, there should not be an over-emphasis on fuel mix fitness but instead a progressive focus on strength, power and agility. The areas of flexibility and core stability are probably even more relevant to goalkeepers because of the dynamic nature of the position and the need to reach and lunge. Therefore, these elements must always be present in the fitness programme.

Systems of PowerTraining
Power training is characterised by long recovery periods (3 - 10 minutes) between sets of exercises to allow for the replenishment of the anaerobic energy (phosphocreatine).

Your major training options for power development are:

  • Power Speed Sled - towing a weighted sled over short distances
  • Weighted Vest - acceleration and jumping drills while carrying an extra weight created by the vest.
  • Medicine Balls - explosive throws with medicine balls weighing between 1-10kg
  • Power Speed Resistor - partner resisted drills using a harness
  • Plyometrics - see below
  • Olympic lifiting - see below

Olympic Lifting - Just treat the word Olympic as 'power!'
Olympic lifts are multi-joint exercises that involve all major muscle groups, similar to most football movements. More players and coaches are turning to the Olympic lifts and their variations to enhance power. They are ground-based exercises so you have to exert force against the ground, which is specific to football.

When performed correctly, these exercises constitute one of the best ways to develop power, which successfully tranfers to football. By their nature, all Olympic style lifts provoke a high power output as they allow you to move a relatively heavy weight at a high speed.


Plyometrics are jumps or combinations of jumps that produce quick, powerful movement using a stretch reflex. A stretch reflex occurs when a muscle lengthens (stretches) and then immediately shortens - the reflex action occurs when the muscle changes from the lengthening to the shortening action. These drills are a specific training mode for goalkeepers because the movements replicate the keeper's mixture of vertical and horizontal acceleration against the ground and the triple extension of the ankle, knee, and hip joints. Plyometric drills enhance power, speed, and agility.. Visit the Football Fitfiles for plyometric drills.

Agility Training

Agility is a combination of acceleration, deceleration and changing direction.
To create fast, multi-directional movement, you need to teach your body to move, challenging your central nervous system to adopt a movement pattern and perform it successfully. Once it's learnt correctly it will be stored in what may be termed 'muscle memory.' . These movements are:

  • Foot speed
  • Balance & Reaction

Foot speed is the ability to touch the foot quickly to the ground while reducing the time that the foot is in contact with the ground
The Foot Speed Ladder forces legs and feet to adapt to the demands of the spaces between rungs and provoke fast patterns of footwork. The length of the Ladder allows for repeated movements for fast and effective learning, and the rungs may be manipulated for a variety of drills.

How fast you move your feet is dictated by how efficiently the joints of the lower body work with each other.
Because football is a multi-directional sport, foot speed is vital for effective and efficient positioning, particularly when in possession of the ball. Missing a tackle or avoiding a defender is often reliant on foot speed

Balance and reaction training teachings joints and muscles to work together.
Acting upon your choice of positions is the responsibility of your balance and reaction. Beat your opponent with deception by reacting swiftly. A great product for balance and reaction training, which is particularly applicable to evasion and defence, is the Evasion Belt (shown below).

Performing goalkeeper drills while wearing a weighted vest is a superb method for developing specific goalkeeping power. Perform a drill for up to 15s while wearing a vest, rest for a few minutes and repeat without the vest
Visit the Football Fitfiles for more information on the Plyometrics Fitfile.
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