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Please browse our range of football fitness products that can help you develop Fuel Mix Fitness.

HIGH5 Protein Recovery Drum 1kg
Protein Recovery is a high carbohydrate and whey protein (24%) drink mix with added L-Glutamine. It is specifically designed to maximise recovery after hard exercise. It contains the highest quality bio-available whey protein to help build a lean physique; rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to re-fuel tired muscle; and Glutamine for cell growth, cell repair and the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Available in mix with milk or mix with water flavours, Protein Recovery taste great and is easy to consume, even immediately after hard exercise, when the appetite is often suppressed.

£15.99 - Chocolate

Creatine 500gm
There is good reason why an estimated three out of four medallists in the last Olympics used Creatine; its perfectly legal, it works and it works well. Supplementation with Creatine can significantly increase lean muscle mass, improve performance in sports which involve periods of high-intensity effort and it can speed up the rate of recovery.

£15.99 for 500gms

HIGH 5 Energy Source Eco Pack 2kg
EnergySource is a complex carbohydrate drink mix that has been designed to provide maximum sustained energy. Highly stable in the stomach and with a range of light refreshing flavours; EnergySource is suitable for athletes from recreation to elite level. It contains all essential electrolytes and a low Osmolality ensures fast fluid replacement.

£17.49 citrus
£17.49 orange