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20kg Hamertone Dumbbell Set
Two 14" sure-lock dumbbell handles, four sure-lock threaded collars, four 0.5kg plates, four 2.5kg plates and four 1.25kg plates. Solid steel handles with non-slip knurled handgrip. Deluxe hammertone finish.

: £32.99

Additional 10 x ½ lb weights for Weighted Vest
The vest is specially designed to give the wearer the opportunity to choose how much resistance to use. Available in two designs, both of which have the capacity to hold different weights, the vest is comfortable and non-restrictive and is a great training aid. Adjustable resistance training vests Variable individual weights for maximum comfort and flexibility Superior form, fit and function Unique 'FlexMetal' technology Safe and balanced distribution of weights

: £20.82

Ultimate Sports Nutrition 100% Whey Protein 2.28kg Chocolate . Research has shown that the highest rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with 100% whey protein.

: £39.99

HIGH5 Protein Recovery Drum 1kg
Protein Recovery is a high carbohydrate and whey protein (24%) drink mix with added L-Glutamine. It is specifically designed to maximise recovery after hard exercise. It contains the highest quality bio-available whey protein to help build a lean physique; rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to re-fuel tired muscle; and Glutamine for cell growth, cell repair and the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Available in mix with milk or mix with water flavours, Protein Recovery taste great and is easy to consume, even immediately after hard exercise, when the appetite is often suppressed.

£15.99 - Chocolate

Creatine 500gm
There is good reason why an estimated three out of four medallists in the last Olympics used Creatine; its perfectly legal, it works and it works well. Supplementation with Creatine can significantly increase lean muscle mass, improve performance in sports which involve periods of high-intensity effort and it can speed up the rate of recovery.

£15.99 for 500gms

Cyclone 1.2kg - available in 4 flavours...
Cyclone has been shown to be the most effective 'all in one' formula on the market today for delivering fast muscle building and strength increasing results in minimum time.

CycloneT has become the number one selling formula for increasing lean muscle, strength and power. Its industry leading formula includes the most exciting and powerful anabolic nutrients to ever come onto the market - more importantly in dosages that work.

Each daily serving provides an amazing 10gms of MaxpureT Creatine Monohydrate and 10gm of extra Glutamine

Banana - 1.2kg
Chocolate- 1.2kg
Strawberry - 1.2kg
Vanilla - 1.2kg

Progain is Britains best selling weight gainer. It's advanced technology has made it staple diet for many top athletes, bodybuilders, and sports stars alike, from beginners to advanced. Unlike other weight gainers, which load up the calories with proteins that cause side effects, such as egg, milk, casein, and soya. Progain contains that same exclusive BIOMAX protein as used in Promax. So you won't suffer from wind and stomach upset etc... To make the weight gainer complete, we've also added an excellent multi-vitamin and mineral blend to offer all round nutrition. If you've used other weight gainers, you'll be amazed at how well Progain mixes. You don't need milk with Progain, it mixes with water with a few stirs of a fork, no blenders needed....and once you've tasted it, you'll be blown away. It's no wander it's been voted the best tasting weight gainer for the last three years running! One serving of Progain (120g) offers you an easy to digest 600 calories of high quality nutrition

Banana - 1.2kg
Chocolate- 1.2kg
Strawberry - 1.2kg
Vanilla - 1.2kg